Art Alley

Art Alley

South Of A Street • SOFA Neighborhood • Santa Rosa Take a walk down Art Alley – South Of A Street – SOFA Neighborhood with OutThere Santa Rosa’s “No Chill” Mustafa Tolosa & B Fernandez. There is plenty to see when you walk down Art Alley.

Check out the murals created by local artists, art galleries, and studios. There is often live music during art openings and special events.

Backstreet Artist Studios & Gallery Backstreet Studios Gallery (SOFA Arts District in Santa Rosa) 461 Sebastopol Ave., Santa Rosa. Backstreet Studios Gallery Art Opening – 5 different local artists have the studios at Backstreet Studios Gallery. During the art, openings can meet the artists and purchase a one-of-a-kind piece of art created by a local Santa Rosa Artist.

Mustafa interviews Local Artist Pam Selvaraj (Natural and figurative clay sculpture with attitude. Look closely, each piece has history and story to tell.) Pam’s art has plenty of personality – For the Backstreet Studios Gallery opening, she created sculptures with bird heads on human bodies to fit the personality of each bird. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Studio South A houses 9 Local Artists and their Art Studios. When you walk down the hall of the Santa Rosa Art Center you can check out Studio South A Artists and many pieces of their art on the hanging walls.

When you’re walking through SOFA or any part of Santa Rosa for that matter, you will see many pieces of art created by “The Velvet Bandit” No one knows who “The Velvet Bandit” is but what we do know is she is a Street Artist, Mom, and Lunch Lady. She has many pieces of art posted throughout Santa Rosa. Each piece is individually hand-painted and cut, with no two being exactly alike. The Velvet Bandit has been an artist her whole life. Over the years, she has dabbled in ceramics, window dressing, sculpture, mixed media, art assemblage, fused glass, cake decorating, and even tattooing, but painting with acrylics has been her steady, one true love for over a decade. When COVID-19 came on the scene, it caused this single mom of two to suddenly become unemployed with nothing but her art supplies to keep her sane–and the perfect opportunity to finally try her hand at doing street art. Each piece is individually hand-painted and cut, with no two being exactly alike. They can be found all over Sonoma County. She is getting into good trouble across the North Bay and beyond.

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