Circus Jam

display of sushi with mermaid statue at Kiraku
Jessie and Joe run Circus Jam in Santa Rosa
Woman upside down on circus silks at Circus Jam in the Arlene Frances Center
Circus Jam at Arlene Francis Center
Woman in aerial silks while juggler watches

YES! Thank you Arlene Francis Center for stepping up – and giving Santa Rosa a place to practice circus arts!  Every week, you can go to 99 6th street in Railroad Square and work on your skills of juggling, aerial, slack rope, hula hoop and hand balancing in a super supportive environment.  The organizers, Jessie and Joe, are super sweet and knowledgeable.  A use-donation fee of what you can afford is requested.  Thank you!  and see you there. – BF

NOTE: This is not a class, it’s a skill-share!

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